Published Works

Articles by Corash & Hollender, P.C., Attorneys

Bankruptcy Notes: Professional Edition "PROPOSED BANKRUPTCY CHANGES HOW THEY AFFECT CONSUMERS AND SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS" February, 2000. By Paul Hollender & Marylou Ducey Martin

Bankruptcy Notes: Consumer Edition "Bankruptcy Explained" By Paul Hollender

How to Get Paid in a Bankrutpcy Case Part II New York Law Journal; October 18, 1999. By Paul Hollender

How to Get Paid in a Bankruptcy Case Part I New York Law Journal; October 15, 1999. By Paul Hollender

A Bankruptcy Primer for Matrimonial Attorneys Richmond County Bar Bulletin; Fall, 1998 By Paul Hollender

Criminal Consequences of Concealing Assets in Bankruptcy New York Law Journal; June 2, 1998. By Paul Hollender

Bankruptcy Reform '94-Something for Everyone. Paul Hollender. New York State Bar Journal March/April 1995

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