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Do you have a legal dispute and want to find a quick and inexpensive way to settle it outside of court?  

Mediation may be your answer. It allows you to maintain complete control over the outcome of your case while increasing your chances of a favorable settlement.

Mediation allows you to effectively, efficiently and in a non-adversarial manner explore various solutions to your problem.

It has helped millions of people find mutually acceptable and quick solutions to legal problems outside of court.

Mediation is an excellent way to avoid long and expensive court proceedings.

It allows you to solve problems without lawyers.

A mediator will act as a neutral party. The mediator specializes in exploring creative avenues that a Court may not consider or offer.


What is the mediation process? An alternate way to settle cases out of court

How does it work? All parties to the dispute are given the chance to sit down and speak regarding the dispute and express their concerns and goals.

Who is the mediator? A lawyer specially trained to lead mediation sessions.See Mariam Zakhary’s credentials

What is the mediator’s job?

  •  To listen to both sides
  •  To understand the position, needs, interests, and goals of each party
  •  To explore all options
  •  To assist the parties to find a mutually acceptable solution
  •  To draft an agreement based on the terms that each party agrees to
  •  The mediator remains neutral at all times
  •  The mediator offers ideas and solutions that a Judge may not 

Who makes the decision? YOU!

Who wins? EVERYONE

What is the success rate of mediation? Mediation is more likely to produce a settlement agreement that is complied with by all parties simply because the terms of the agreement were negotiated by the parties themselves rather than imposed by a judge.

How quickly can I settle my case through mediation? Generally, mediation allows parties to settle cases the same day the mediation is conducted.

How do you get started? To start a mediation case, you and the other side meet with the mediator to receive an explanation of the process and select a date for the mediation session.

How does mediation minimize my legal fees? Mediation fees can be split between the parties and because the mediator is trained to quickly find solutions, mediation saves the parties thousands of dollars in litigation expenses and avoids years of delay. Obtaining Justice should not require you to empty your bank account.

Winston Churchill once said: “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”