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Do you understand the emotional impact of debt?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Bankruptcy | 0 comments

It feels as though debt intrudes on your every thought every day, preventing you from enjoying your life. While you know bankruptcy is an option, it is one that you hesitate to entertain.

To better understand the benefits of filing for bankruptcy, it may help to understand the psychological toll that debt has. The Simple Dollar takes a deep dive into how hard financial times impact your mental health.


If you have debt, you may feel animosity toward your spouse, family or friends, mainly because they could be doing better than you financially. Your spouse could have more debt than you, debt that you could bear some financial responsibility for. You may even feel resentful towards your boss for not paying you more money or awarding you with a promotion.

Anxiety and depression 

It is hard to be in a wholly good mood with debt constantly lurking over your head. Financial struggles can easily trigger bouts of depression and anxiety, which can infect your thoughts just as much as your financial struggles.


Do you even acknowledge the fact that you have debt? You may find yourself paralyzed by the thought of going through your bills, bank accounts and financial statements to see just how much money you owe. Nonacceptance of debt can also manifest in leaving mail unopened because you fear it may be a bill or reminder to payment reminder.


On the other hand, you may be perfectly aware of just how much debt you owe. This could lead to a never-ending tide of stress that keeps you up at night, makes it hard to focus and even impacts your physical health.

Know that you do not have to endure the emotional impact of debt. Sit down with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your options.