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Reason No. 7 to Investigate Small Business Chapter 11: A Chapter 11 Trustee can be a Plan facilitator

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Bankruptcy, Business Law, Chapter 11, Small Business Reorganization, Subchapter V | 0 comments

In a Traditional  Chapter 11 case there is no Trustee: a debtor is on its own dealing with creditors and the Court. In a new Small Business case, a Chapter 11 Trustee is appointed.   Unlike a Chapter 7 Trustee, however, who is only interested in liquidation and is an adversary, a  Small Business Chapter 11 Trustee is a partner in attaining a successful reorganization.  This Trustee has a true incentive  to assist in obtaining court approval of a Plan of Reorganization, because her or she will receive a commission only if the business makes money  Furthermore, the trustee will get paid at the end of the case. The Trustee will assist in convincing creditors to approve a plan, or in structuring a plan that the Court can approve despite creditor opposition.

This is only one of the many reasons the new Small Business Bankruptcy Chapter 11 may be a real “life-saver” for struggling small business owners.

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