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Job seeking after filing bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Bankruptcy | 0 comments

Conducting a background check prior to confirming a new hire has become standard procedure for many companies today. 

Job applicants with even the most minor indiscretions on their record may wonder what impact different experiences may have on their ability to get hired. Consumers who filed Chapter 13 bankruptcies may be concerned that they could get turned down for the job of their dreams. 

Bankruptcy and discrimination

As the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse explains, an employer may learn about a job applicant’s Chapter 13 bankruptcy via a pre-employment screening background check. That employer, however, should not use the bankruptcy to discriminate against the candidate. 

Bankruptcy as one of many factors

According to Monster.com, a bankruptcy may be only one of many facts that a potential employer learns about via a background check. While the company may not deny employment based on the bankruptcy alone, the bankruptcy may factor into the decision depending on what other information comes to light. 

The nature of the job a person applies for may factor into how much, if at all, a prior bankruptcy plays into an employer’s hiring decision. If the candidate applies for a finance-related role, for example, credit or past financial issues may raise greater concerns than if the candidate applies for a job that has nothing to do with money. 

Job applicant’s rights

Before a company initiates a background check, a candidate may inquire about what information is reviewed in the check. This may give them insight into what details they might proactively choose to share with the employer, or it may provide them with a level of comfort.