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What are bedsores?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Elder Law | 0 comments

When you leave your loved one in an elder care facility, you would hope that means they will get the best possible care and attention. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. But sometimes, it is hard to pinpoint when, if and how your loved one might have faced abuse or neglect.

One potential sign of neglect with a physical manifestation is bedsores. What are these ailments and how do they impact you?

How do bedsores form?

Johns Hopkins Medicine examines the physical ailment known as bedsores. Officially known under the medical term “pressure ulcers”, bedsores can form in as little as a few hours. They occur when pressure builds up at points of your body that retain prolonged contact with a solid surface such as a wheelchair or bed.

Pressure ulcers most often appear at the heels, joints and hips for the aforementioned reason. You may notice them along a victim’s back, as well. They can come in different degrees of severity, with the mildest clearing up on their own after a few days and the most severe having the potential to never fully heal.

Why do they happen?

These injuries often occur in elder care facilities when the staff does not have the ability (or desire, in case of malicious neglect) to care for every patient under their roof. Thus, they may forget to visit certain individuals for hours at a time or even days. If an individual cannot get out of their bed or wheelchair on their own, they will almost certainly end up developing pressure ulcers after this period of neglect.