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Selecting the right care facility for your aging loved one

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Elder Law | 0 comments

Deciding it is time to move your family member to a care facility for the elderly in New York is not an easy decision. Finding an establishment that meets all your expectations can have its challenges.

Knowing what to look for prior to screening facilities can help you make a confident decision. With your effort, you can have increased confidence that your loved one will receive compassionate care despite your absence.

Location relevant to yours

Chances are you will want a facility not too far from where you live. Too far of a distance could make it difficult to establish a consistent visitation schedule. Regular visits may improve the transition for your loved one and reaffirm your love. It can also help you verify that the care continues to meet your expectations over time.

Opportunities for socializing

Social interaction could make a considerable difference in the quality of your loved one’s life. It might also increase life expectancy. According to the National Institute on Aging, when visiting potential nursing home facilities, observe the interactions between staff and residents. Warm, welcoming and friendly interactions will provide critical support for your family member. Ask about social activities and what the facility does to encourage community and friendship.

Staff who value transparency

Dishonest staff who skirt around your questions or concerns is a red flag. Staff members should provide transparent information about facility operations and even encourage involvement from the families of its residents.

The research you put into finding the right facility may be the difference between a good or bad experience for the person you love.