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Simple tips for working through inheritance disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2023 | Wills and Trusts | 0 comments

Inheritance disputes can be a complex and emotional process for everyone involved. However, handling these situations tactfully and gracefully is vital to ensure a fair and peaceful resolution.

According to the New York Courts, individuals who die with a validated will have their estate distributed according to their wishes. Unfortunately, family members still find ways to argue about their inheritance, even under court supervision. Here are some tips for working through inheritance disputes.

Maintain communications

Open and respectful communication is vital when resolving inheritance disputes. Family members should avoid making assumptions and instead communicate openly with one another. It is important to listen actively and understand each other’s perspectives.

Consider mediation

If communication becomes difficult, consider hiring a mediator to facilitate discussions. Mediation can provide a neutral and objective third-party perspective to help family members agree.

Do not neglect the emotional value

Some assets may have more emotional weight than monetary value. It is essential to consider the emotional attachment that family members may have to certain items and try to come to a fair resolution that considers everyone’s feelings.

Compromise is vital

Inheritance disputes often require compromise from all parties involved. Family members should be open to discussing possible solutions that may not be their ideal outcome but can still provide a fair resolution.

Focus on the big picture

Inheritance disputes can quickly become about winning or losing, but keeping the big picture in mind is important. This means considering the long-term consequences of decisions made during the dispute and prioritizing family relationships over material possessions.

Inheritance disputes can be complex, but approaching them openly, considering emotional value, being willing to compromise, and focusing on the big picture can help ensure a fair and peaceful resolution.