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When you have a legal problem, there are two growing alternatives to filing a lawsuit — arbitration and mediation. Using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve legal problems is favored by clients and courts at all levels because it is often faster, less expensive and less stressful than litigation. At the Staten Island law firm of Corash & Hollender, P.C., we encourage our clients to elect mediation and arbitration as dispute resolution tools whenever appropriate.

We have many years of experience with ADR, and serve as mediators and arbitrators for organizations such as the Richmond County Bar Association and the U.S. bankruptcy courts. Our negotiation skills, coupled with actual or threatened litigation, can often be a winning combination for our clients. Contact our law firm to learn more about alternative dispute resolution. Talk to an attorney about using this approach to solving your legal problem.


Mediation involves meeting with a facilitator — the mediator — to develop a way that allows both parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. The objective of mediation is to have the individuals involved in the dispute come away feeling that they reached an agreement they can live with. This process allows the parties to identify the issues, develop options and discuss alternatives, with the goal of developing a win-win solution.


Arbitration requires submitting the issues to a neutral third party — the arbitrator — who reviews them and arrives at a decision. In arbitration, there is a winner and loser; in mediation, the parties arrive at a mutually agreeable solution together. On occasion, even when the arbitration does not result in a financial determination, using ADR sets the parties on the path to settling out of court.

Almost Any Legal Dispute Can Be Resolved Using ADR

Our clients have found that both of these alternatives to appearing in court have benefited them personally and professionally. We have helped people move forward with ADR in matters as diverse as:

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To learn more about alternative dispute resolution, contact our Staten Island law firm through our online contact form or at 718-691-1669. There are many reasons to avoid litigation; talk with a lawyer who encourages clients to try a less expensive and less stressful alternative to appearing in court.

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