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Obtaining a franchise is a very popular way for people to enter the business world. The acquisition of a franchise allows the business person to benefit from the proven brand recognition, marketing, equipment, training and instruction that have already been developed for a franchise operation. In the excitement of a small business startup, though, people sometimes neglect to look out for themselves, signing documents that are not in their best interests and leaving themselves vulnerable to lawsuits and personal liability.

At the Staten Island law firm of Corash & Hollender, P.C., our lawyers work to minimize the risk of obtaining and operating a franchise. Our clients have successfully run franchised businesses, including those selling food, pet care and real estate. To learn how we help businesspeople with all issues related to franchising, contact our law firm. Talk to an attorney who will work to help your business succeed.

Protect Your Capital and Assets When Acquiring A Franchise

Our goal is to protect your investment and your personal assets. To that end, we review and negotiate franchise agreements and analyze the potential risk for our clients. We make sure that as many problems as possible are anticipated. When there are issues related to quality control, dual distribution, franchise fees and operational procedures, we provide advice and representation whenever needed. We negotiate solutions to problems as much as possible, limiting the cost and stress of litigating disputes.

Even more important, when a franchise closes, we help minimize the financial impact on our client. We deal with matters such as ongoing liabilities and disagreements between franchisor and franchisee. When needed, we litigate or recommend alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to secure our client’s rights and financial future.

When our client is interested in pursuing a franchising opportunity, we make sure they are aware of the all the potential issues involved, both positive and negative. We use our knowledge of franchise law to advise and counsel them on their best course of action.

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