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Creating The Foundations For Shareholders And Limited Liability Corporations

Corash & Hollender, P.C., has been a pillar of the Staten Island and New Jersey legal communities for decades. Since our founding in 1997, we have always worked to create a collaborative atmosphere where every client feels confident that we fully understand their problems and are actively working on solutions.

To speak with us about your shareholder or limited liability corporation (LLC) agreements, call our office at 718-691-1669 and schedule an appointment.

What Can Go Wrong When You Least Expect It?

Many business owners and operators work under the assumption that once their foundational agreements are in place, they will not need to think about these documents again. This misconception can lead to disastrous consequences later if you do not pay attention to the foundational documents in your business. For instance, common issues include:

  • Delays in selling your business
  • Shareholder disputes over strategic business moves like mergers
  • Issues following the death, disability or retirement of a partner
  • How to incorporate a partner’s child or relative into a business
  • Other management disputes, including compensation agreements

A clear guiding document will reduce conflict and help your business avoid lengthy and costly disputes. Aim for clear expectations from the start of your business’s life.

How To Plan Ahead To Avoid Catastrophe

Corash & Hollender, P.C., has decades of experience and resources at its disposal. You can take advantage of our knowledge and skills to create the right foundational documents from articles of incorporation to partnership agreements and corporate bylaws. All you need to do now is email us.