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Bankruptcy Is Not a Crime

People who file bankruptcy do not intentionally do so. Our clients are not deadbeats. They have not “run up” their credit cards, planning to file bankruptcy. They are the struggling middle class. When first meeting with us, most are so embarrassed that they cannot look us in the eye.

Our clients are ordinary people. Many are homeowners, who have had one of two things happen to them: either a family disaster has occurred (loss of a job, death or illness), or they are the victims of “credit card creep” (to make ends meet, they have been spending just a little more than they make, which, after years, creates an unmanageable amount of debt). A third example, due to proximity to Atlantic City, is people who are addicted to gambling.

At the law firm of Corash & Hollender, P.C., we pride ourselves on providing conscientious, caring and personal services to our clients. That is why we get so much new business referred by those whom we have helped in the past.

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